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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Dried cuttlefish salad (kerabu sotong kering)

Kerabu sotong kering (dried cuttlefish salad)
Roasted dried cuttlefish (sotong kering salai) is very popular snack in Thailand.It is so popular that it is even sold by the roadside especially in Bangkok.I like to chew as a snack but always safe some to make kerabu sotong so i do not have to roast it  for my salad,just shredded it n toss in the salad bowl :D

90g sotong kering - roasted,shredded
1 unripe manggo peeled and shredded
1/4 cup dried prawn (shrimp) - fried
1/2 cucumber,cored,shredded
1 red onion,peeled,thinly sliced
2 stalks lemon grass,finely sliced
2 kaffir leaves ,sliced
handful of mint leaves

Dressing (mix in a small bowl)
2 tbspn nam pla (thai fish sauce)
2 tbspn sugar or grated palm sugar
2 clove garlic,finely chopped
2 lime( juice)
2 tbsp roasted sesame seed-optional
2 red chillies-thinly sliced
6 bird eye chillies -thinly sliced-- optional
1. Put all the ingredients in a big bowl
2.add in dressing,toss and serve. ( best eaten with plain rice)